Indhriana Parada, lawyer expert in Human Rights and member of the Movement for the Liberation of Alex Saab, during her participation in the program La Hojilla, conducted by the communicator Mario Silva, indicated that “this is the supposed crime for which the United States (US) is exercising its revenge, because he was the person who dared to continue exercising commerce, risking his own patrimony; and the right wing itself pretends to say that he is not a diplomat”.

According to Parada, the US has tried to elaborate a narrative to justify the accusations against the Venezuelan diplomat, in which “they have criminalized the CLAPs saying that he (Alex Saab) wanted to get rich with the hunger of the people…he has nothing to do with the CLAPs, these are media accusations”, he reiterated.

Recognition of immunity

Regarding the process before the Court of Appeals in Georgia for the recognition of Saab’s diplomatic immunity as Special Envoy of Venezuela, Parada explained that “before the motion of the defense, the Court of Appeals said ‘we are going to move on to the oral arguments for next April 4, because all the evidences were presented'”.

In that sense, the lawyer considered that “it is positive what is happening in the Circuit Court of Appeals, and a very important moment because since April 2021, against the decision to declare him a fugitive from justice, the defense team filed this appeal and the prosecution has been delaying the process.”

“The bet was to torture him, bend him, threaten his family and get him to agree to collaborate, because that is how the U.S. system works; they did not expect Alex to say ‘no’ to torture,” he said.

Unusual motion

Likewise, Parada highlighted the unusual nature of the motion filed by the Justice Department, which says that “it is an uncontroverted fact that Alex is a diplomat, they are questioning his respect for that immunity”, he explained.