Jorge Carlos Fonseca, President of Cape Verde admitted to sources close to the presidency of Cape Verde and Ghana, that the case of Ambassador Alex Saab is carried on his back by Ulisses Correia e Silva, Prime Minister of Cape Verde, that although he knew it was illegal he decided to work with the US and that the Constitutional Court was not going to act impartially… after confessing that diabolical act, he decided to apply the “pilate’s” and wash his hands, say the ridiculousness that he lacks authority to make a decision.

For example, Natalino Correia confessed to one of the defense lawyers that he received the order from Ulisses to take him off the plane without an Interpol warrant, without an arrest warrant from Cape Verde, nor from the USA.

Illegality in the Alex Saab Case

In the face of this bad faith of Cape Verde, we have more lies and abuses such as:

-That the documents that accredited him as a ambassador on a humanitarian mission were not taken into account.

-That in order to enter Cape Verde, after forcibly taking him off the plane, they made him buy a visa to be able to enter as if he were “voluntarily”.

-That he was kept in a cell with a bag over his head and tortured for the first 24 hours and 3 times more physically in Sal prison.

-That he was denied access to his lawyers and family.

-That he is denied medical attention despite being a cancer survivor.

-That his international lawyers are expelled from the island.

Having his arms cut off 26 times and then blaming him for self-injury ….

-Being beaten until he lost teeth and left his whole body purple.

-Being asked to lie and declare falsehoods against President Nicolas Maduro and Venezuela.

-To be kept in darkness 23 hours a day and only one hour a day to give him light, losing part of his vision.

-That he has lost 25 kilos of body weight in 30 days because of the torture suffered

-That his children, wife and family are threatened if he does not cooperate.

-Disobeying Ecowas’ freedom sentence and challenging the UN on the same issue.

-We could point out an endless number of arbitrariness and maybe that alone would fill a couple of more pages.

Alex Saab is not DETAINED. He is HELD.