The illegal detention of Alex Saab, Venezuela’s ambassador to the world, has been one of the most striking international denunciations of this last year. Saab has gone from being the “special envoy of Venezuela” to being the one being persecuted by the United States, and who has apparently been “kidnapped” in Cape Verde.

Alex Saab is a lawyer, Colombian businessman and Venezuelan ambassador to the African Union; he is appointed to cover important functions for the Venezuelan people, before and during the pandemic.

So his lawyer Femi Falana, has confirmed on previous occasions that Saab has been a victim of persecution and furthermore an illegal arrest in Cape Verde.

“You cannot arrest an ambassador and diplomat, so Cape Verde has violated the inviolability of Mr. Alex Saab” assured defense lawyer Femi Falana.

He has also affirmed that Cape Verde’s justice is independent; however, it would be subjected under an environment of pressure by the United States, as a measure to extradite the ambassador to that country.

“Justice in Cape Verde is independent, but it is receiving a lot of pressure from the US, and this makes it not comply with what ECOWAS establishes.” It is a persecution against the ambassador Alex Saab, he indicated.

Therefore, he recalled that his representative has been illegally and irregularly put to the order of the Cape Verdean justice; this according to the facts that took place in June 2020.

He recalled that the arrest of Alex Saab took place before the “Red Notice” was issued by INTERPOL.

Illegal detention of Alex Saab

Alex Saab was arrested by Cape Verdean authorities last June 12, 2020; while the plane he was traveling in was making a brief stopover, in order to refuel at the Amilcar Cabral International Airport in Sal Island.

Alex Saab said about his arrest: “I have been a ambassador since April 2018 as Venezuela’s special envoy for Russia and Iran with diplomatic inviolability and immunity and I demand my immediate release… I was going to Iran on an official visit in search of food. I was going to Iran on an official visit in search of food, medicines and gasoline to alleviate a crisis aggravated by the empire [.] ”

The Venezuelan government confirmed that Saab was working in an official capacity for the government; “destined to guarantee the right to food, health and other basic fundamental rights of the people of Venezuela.”

Furthermore, Saab was arrested on June 12; in an attempt to justify the arrest, the French agency Interpol, subsequent to the arrest, issued a “red notice” for the ambassador .

Likewise, the United States, under the administration of Donald Trump; urged that Alex Saab was running a “corruption network” related to Venezuela’s CLAP program. However, no evidence of such accusation has ever been presented.

Alex Saab, Venezuela’s ambassador to the world

It should be recalled that the Venezuelan diplomat, was sent as Venezuela’s special diplomat at the time of his irregular detention; currently Alex Saab, is Venezuela’s ambassador to the African Union.

In addition, this diplomatic special granted to Saab, was mainly focused on the acquisition of international supplies such as: (fuel, medicines and food) for the Venezuelan people.

The ambassador was also a victim of kidnapping in Cape Verde, persecution by the United States of America, and his human rights have been repeatedly violated.

Recently, one of the measures has been violated by Cape Verde; being this one dictated by the Court of Barlovento, authorizing Alex Saab’s sister, to stay supporting her brother in the house where he remains under arrest.

This adds to the long list of human rights violations of the Venezuelan ambassador , Alex Saab.