“Saab cannot be extradited because the US has no criminal indications” has expressed the defender of businessman Alex Saab, Baltazar Garzón.

The defender has denounced a series of judicial irregularities in the case since the arrest of Alex Saab.

As it is known, this businessman was arrested on June 12, 2020 in Cape Verde; when he was as Special Envoy of the Venezuelan government in Iran and Russia. Just at the moment his plane made a stop in the Cape Verdean country to refuel; alleging a request by the United States for alleged money laundering.

International mechanisms for the protection of human rights were activated from the moment of the arrest; in order to guarantee that the detainee’s human rights were not violated.

Lawyer Baltazar Garzón has expressed that: “Cape Verde has politicized the detention of Alex Saab by yielding to the pressures of the United States, and has ignored centuries of established International Law governing the free movement of Diplomats”.

Garzón also expressed that Cape Verde presents itself as a model of democracy, a country that respects Human Rights and international obligations. Since June 12, 2020, when it illegally detained Alex Saab; Cape Verde has demonstrated time and again that the opposite of these statements is the truth”.

Due to the conditions in which Saab was being held the defense requested an appeal to grant house arrest to the detainee due to cancer alleging that his rights were being violated by remaining under those conditions in the place of detention.

The UN Human Rights Committee has requested the government of Cape Verde to refrain from extraditing Alex Saab to the United States, as well as in a statement the committee requests that all necessary measures be taken to guarantee access to appropriate medical care, preferably by independent and specialized doctors of his choice.

While awaiting the decision of the Cape Verdean justice for Alex Saab’s case, Saab’s defense has announced a series of human rights violations referring to the inappropriate treatment, pressure and torture that the Colombian businessman has received.