The support for Ambassador Alex Saab if coming from all over the world, today the Palestinian people sent a statement condemning his arbitrary detention in Cape Verde; questioning all the illegal actions taken in the African country.

Through a statement, the Palestinian People’s Party asserted that the detention was illegal, “as well as the political persecution of the United States (U.S.) in the pretension of the extraterritorial application of its laws, imposing oppression on the peoples.”

“The pretension of violating the diplomatic immunity of an official of a sovereign State to execute an extradition process; on the basis of fabricated accusations and without legal arguments plays against the sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples”, emphasizes in the text.

In addition, it refers that this action puts at serious risk the international law of coexistence of peoples.

Palestine condemns the arrest of Alex Saab

The Palestinian People’s Party pointed out that Venezuela’s special envoy Alex Saab is “a victim of the erroneous and incongruent foreign policy maintained by the U.S. in the use of coercive mechanisms to subdue nations”.

Alex Saab’s defense has denounced on several occasions at the international level the irregularities that have been presented in the process; which is being carried out against him, after being detained in Cape Verde during a technical stopover at the Amilcar Cabral airport, being a special envoy of the Venezuelan Government.

“In memory of his parents, members of our community, we want to express that we recognize Alex Saab; as a Palestinian son and a consistent friend with the Palestinian cause, a kind man and attached to humanitarian causes”, asserted the Party.

Finally, the communiqué of the people of Palestine urges not to allow another person to be imprisoned by imperialism and international Zionism.