For Alex Saab as a businessman, he always maintained his interest in creating direct employment opportunities; because with them, he sought to strengthen the economies of the countries where he has developed, such as Venezuela and Colombia.

Creating jobs is an uphill mission in an economy as changing as the Latin American economy, one of the goals that the businessman Alex Saab has set since the beginning of his companies is the creation of direct jobs to strengthen the economies of the countries where he has developed.

Alex Saab as an businessman

Alex Saab’s businesses have been developed in textile spaces, manufacturing of panels for the construction of family houses; and also, the import and distribution of foodstuffs. This number of business categories has also allowed him to diversify the type of employment offered.

“We recognize from these companies that the supply of jobs has a direct effect on migration to other countries, so our purpose apart from offering employment is to decrease migration to other places” said Saab.

The expansion of Alex Nain Saab Moran’s companies has been from Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, this places him as one of the largest providers of employment in Latin America.

In addition, the growing wave of news about Alex Saab, which has been generated due to his arrest in Cape Verde, is unprecedented; likewise, it has initiated the interest in users around the world, to know who is the man that the United States wants to take to their country.

Alex Saab has been a victim of the political conflict of the United States against Venezuela; and that in turn, countless irregularities have arisen in his case.

However, it is important to continue talking about the quality of Alex Saab as a businessman and how he set up his business projects in Latin America.

Jobs in Latin America

The offer of employment in these three countries has been made according to the remuneration needs of each country; since each one has its own requirements of its economy.

The supply of jobs that meet the needs of employees is key to maintaining adequate payrolls for the activities of each company, “we recognize the importance of offering satisfactory jobs in order to obtain quality jobs,” said Saab.

Labor relations between the countries where the business functions are established has allowed considerable progress in the commercial relations of the three nations involved. The improvement in commercial relations between these countries has allowed the exchange, learning and growth of information related to the development of business techniques.

Although Venezuela has been Alex Saab’s major business development, he does not leave aside his native Colombia and Mexico in the labor improvements of his companies. Nor does he rule out business expansion to other nations.