Recently, the defense of Alex Nain Saab Moran, managed to file a formal complaint against the authorities of Cape Verde; for crimes allegedly committed against his client.

Since 2020, the year in which the United States, through Interpol, managed to arrest Ambassador Alex Saab, his team of lawyers have repeatedly denounced at the international level all the torture suffered and other human rights violations.

The denunciation before the Cape Verdean Public Prosecutor’s Office on the island of Sal is addressed to the Attorney General of the Republic, José Landim. As well as to the inspectors of the Judicial Police Domingos de Pina and Maurício Monteiro; in charge of holding the Special Envoy, last June 12, 2020.

According to the document submitted to the Attorney General’s Office, the facts have to do with a wide violation and disrespect to the rights of the ambassador Alex Nain Saab Morán; and from them it results that such rights “were not respected, nor were the guarantees of a fair and equitable process respected”.

It is important to highlight that regardless of international laws, the authorities of Cape Verde authorized the denial of his release, after Interpol annulled the red notice.

Lawyers of Alex Saab denounce Cape Verdean authorities

The defense points out that the situations denounced are quite “deep and insidious” and are related to the “frank and reprehensible violation of a set of principles by those who, in fact, had the duty to be his main guarantors”, hence the request of the defense lawyers to start criminal proceedings against the participants.

Among the crimes committed against the person of the Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab are listed: “qualified crime against physical integrity (…), torture and cruel, degrading or inhuman treatment (…), theft of movable property, abuse of power (…), attack against foreign authorities (…), passive corruption (…) kidnapping”.

According to Alex Saab’s defense team, all these violations to the law are typified in the Cape Verdean Criminal Code, which demands the constitution of the Venezuelan ambassador as an assistant in the process, in addition to being heard on the facts denounced.

In this sense, the defense lawyers demand a “detailed investigation” of all charges, and “that all investigative procedures be carried out to discover and restore the material truth of the facts”, also guaranteeing that it is the plaintiff’s intention to “deduce claims for damages under civil law against the participants”.