When we talk about entrepreneurs, we usually imagine almost automatons who are dedicated one hundred percent to work, but that is far from being true in many entrepreneurs like Alex Nain Saab Moran, a well-known Colombian businessman.

Family values were present from childhood in Saab, who, guided by the example of his father, a Lebanese emigrant, who settled in the city of Barranquilla in Colombia, from there his family fiber developed fully.

Saab’s mother also influenced his family formation, Mrs. Rosa Maria Moran de Saab, faithful to her family values, formed the next generation; within these same values, that is to say Alex Saab and his two brothers, the mother was molding them every day to her ideals of familiarity and morality.
This family formation, acquired from his parents and complemented by his wife, has been instilled in his five children.

Alex Saab’s family values

This family formation has allowed the businessman Alex Saab to lead life under an altruistic way, thanks to this he has earned the love and respect of those around him, family, neighbors and friends.

“It is not necessary to neglect the family for the attention to the companies, a point of balance must be sought; where the two functions are carried hand in hand always putting the family first” said Saab.

When asked about the legacy he intended to leave to his children, this businessman said “I hope to leave my children a better country, where they can live in freedom and grow up in an environment full of family and social values”.

The family is always present in Saab’s companies, which is why he has implemented family development policies for the employees working in his companies, where family sharing is part of the business activities.

In addition to family activities in their companies, they have developed a program of economic contributions to foundations that work for the family, these programs have been developed in some coastal cities of Colombia, where these aids are much needed.

The fruits of a family with solid values implemented in companies are evident in the social actions executed by the companies; and by those implemented within their companies, thus the contributions of these families are reverted in the development of a better country.