The businessman Alex Nain Saab Moran, was born in Barranquilla in the Atl√°ntico district of the Republic of Colombia, on December 21, 1971, the son of Lebanese immigrants.

Alex Saab, from a very young age, learned from his family’s example and especially from his father, that being a businessman would allow him to contribute socially to the sports and cultural development of his native country.

When his father taught him commercial and business techniques, he did not leave aside the teaching of the satisfaction that social contribution would bring him personally.

This is how Alex Saab, along with the development of his companies, also developed a policy of social contributions, as business increased, the social program increased.

To support these social contributions to benefit the most deprived communities, he created a department that would be responsible for all this planning, especially its strongest assignment was to locate the neediest areas to make the contribution, not only.

This department would not only be in charge of making the contribution, but Saab also assigned to it the follow-up of the use of these resources, so as to ensure the efficient use of the contributions.

“There is no point in commercial and business development if we do not contribute some of what is received to the underprivileged,” Saab said.
Social sensitivity of businessman Alex Saab

Alex Nain Saab Moran, always willing to collaborate in sports, not only contributes to the communities with deficiencies; in this area, he has also participated in the rehabilitation of multiple courts and soccer fields in several cities of Colombia.

Other contributions made by this important businessman is collaborating in health foundations, such as anti-cancer and street children, many schools in the coastal region of Colombia also received significant contributions.

Alex Saab has been an example of how business development can go hand in hand with altruistic activities; such as the ones he has done thanks to his companies, he said when asked about his contributions “not forgetting the origin is very important to progress”.