On December 21, 1971, in Barranquilla, Colombia, a child was born to Lebanese immigrant parents who would be named Alex Saab. This child would grow up in an environment where he would learn commercial techniques and a business vision from his father, who had a very large textile company in Colombia.

This is how Alex Saab acquires the main skills to become an entrepreneur since he was 19 years old, when he gets his first contract; to make uniforms for an oil company with the best products on the market.

The quality and price was the perfect duo that Alex Nain Saab Moran offered to his customers, these contracts allowed him to acquire a textile production center that left him great satisfaction.

The skills perfected over time with his textile companies allowed him to apply them to other companies in different areas, and so he decided to enter the construction industry by manufacturing panels used in the construction of houses.

“When you have in your heart the certainty that what you are doing goes hand in hand with social welfare, companies move forward on their own,” said Saab when asked about the success of his companies.

Alex Saab’s entrepreneurial vision

For businessman Alex Saab, being a businessman has meant the possibility of making the most effective decisions, not only for the benefit of the companies but also to carry out social developments, “for me the most gratifying thing is to have the conviction that the investment policies I have adopted have made important social advances possible”.

The business strategies implemented by this entrepreneur have been able, through a series of business values, to carry out his companies with a clear and defined business vision.

The lessons learned in the early years of this businessman, together with his studies at important universities, have enabled him to develop his own business policies and as the companies have progressed, he has been able to expand, providing services to large companies and various industries, and this result is only possible under a genuine entrepreneurial vision.

The business advances obtained by Alex Saab are not only of great dimensions, but they are also convincing, achieving important successes in the investments he has made. It has also allowed him to venture into more than one commercial and business line.

This businessman, trusting in his country Colombia, places him as one of the largest investors in the country, collaborating hand in hand with politicians and other businessmen in the social development of his country and neighboring countries.