The actions of the government of Cape Verde regarding the case of the ambassador Alex Saab, are becoming more and more visible; the issue of human rights violations against the businessman and his family, have made Dr. Antonio Tavares; introduce this weekend the #HabeasCorpusAlexSaab document requesting his release.

International organizations have been alert to everything that is happening regarding the release of the Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab, so they ask for the free process to be respected in this case.

Let’s remember that the ambassador , Alex Saab has been kidnapped for more than 331 days in Cape Verde, without respect for his diplomatic immunity and his rights to international conventions.

Document of #HabeasCorpusAlexSaab

Habeas Corpus Alex Saab - Alex Saab News

The #HabeasCorpusAlexSaab Document was delivered, by the Cape Verdean political scientist Antonio Tavares; to the Supreme Court of Justice of Cape Verde.

This document constitutes a guarantee; where it expresses all the laws that protect citizens from illegal detentions and arrests.

Habeas Corpus Alex Saab - Alex Saab News

Furthermore, in this document Tavares demands the immediate release of the Venezuelan ambassador ; for all the illegal measures taken in this case, by the government of Cape Verde, under pressure from the United States.

Antonio Tavares is a candidate to the presidency of Cape Verde, so he is aware of all national and international laws that apply to the case of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab.