The dialogue between the Venezuelan government and opposition was suspended last October 2020, as a consequence of the illegal detention of Alex Saab in Cape Verde and also transferred to the hands of the United States.

Therefore, the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello, reiterated to the United States that, if the dialogue between the Unitary Platform continues; the diplomat Alex Saab must be released.

“It has been very clear, if you want dialogue, take the actions that must be taken, release those who have been kidnapped and we will start talking, it is as simple as that”, said Diosdado this Wednesday, January 19, during his program Con el Mazo Dando (With the Gavel Giving).

“The dialogue was advancing very well, but the U.S. government did not like it because it made the opposition look bad, that is why they kidnapped diplomat Álex Saab, as they kidnap anyone in the world”, he said.

Other government figures, such as Maduro, have also requested the release of Alex Nain Saab Moran and demanded conditions regarding his case in order to continue the political dialogue.

Considering that Alex Saab has been “kidnapped” since 2020, and also taken to the United States, with the sole purpose of extracting information; this according to a statement of his defense.

This including that Alex Saab, has been exposed to mistreatment since his illegal detention in Cape Verde in 2020; so in the African country “he was tortured”; with the purpose of extracting information from the government of Venezuela, Alleged Nancy Hollander in a videoconference with her colleague in the defense team, David Rivkin.

“But he’s not going to cooperate, he’s not going to cooperate. He’s a strong man, and the government failed in its efforts in Cape Verde” and he’s not going to get it in the United States, Hollander added.