Alex Saab is illegally detained in the United States, and the Venezuelan government has labeled him a “kidnapping”; therefore, it suspended the Dialogue Table in Mexico, which was being held in order to reach an agreement with the Venezuelan opposition.

Likewise, Jorge Rodríguez, who is head of the Parliament elected in 2020, and also his position is ratified at the beginning of the legislative year; therefore, he indicated that the negotiating table may return, he must respect the demands of the delegation he heads.

“Do they want dialogue? Immediately release Alex Saab so that he can join the dialogue table with the Venezuelan oppositions, stop stealing money that does not belong to you and return to the people of Venezuela the money you stole”, he indicated in the installation session of the new legislative period.

Ambassador Alex Saab was detained in Cape Verde, last June 12, 2020; he was illegally taken to the United States, in October 2021; being this the cause that made the dialogue in Mexico to be suspended.

The Venezuelan government gave Alex Saab the position of diplomat and, in addition, included him in its delegation in Mexico.

For his part, Rodriguez insisted that if the opposition wants dialogue, it must return the 1 billion dollars in gold held in England; the object of a trial between Maduro and Guaidó, recognized as president in charge of the country by the British government.

He also asked for the return of control of the companies Monómeros and Citgo; both subsidiaries of the state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) in Colombia and the United States, respectively.

The unity approach

The opposition, Juan Guaidó, expressed the position of the group he leads for the negotiations:

“He ratified the willingness that the unitary platform, today’s meeting space for unity in Venezuela, immediately resumes the possibility of a comprehensive agreement that gives guarantees, through the Constitution, for all those who want free and fair elections”, he said during the act of installation of the 2015 NA for the ordinary period 2022-2023 in the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Park.

The opposition reminded him that “there is already a space to reach an agreement”, referring to the table installed in Mexico on August 13, and that “parallel negotiations do not lead to anything”.