This Tuesday, former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón, affirmed that “Cape Verde has politicized the detention of Alex Saab by yielding to pressure from the United States, and has ignored centuries of established International Law governing the free circulation of Diplomats”.

For his part, Baltasar Garzón, is in charge of directing the international coordination of the defense of ambassador Alex Saab; who pointed out in response to the alarming refusal of the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court to provide Saab’s defense with a copy of his filing of the appeal before the Constitutional Court.

Accordingly, Dr. José Manuel Pinto Monteiro, lead counsel for Ambassador Saab; requested a copy of the document from the Secretariat of His Excellency the Court, which was flatly denied and was told in an extraordinary manner that “…the appellant, Alex Saab or his defense team? must personally go to the Secretariat to examine the document”.

For his part, Dr. Pinto affirmed that “it is a fundamental right of Ambassador Saab and his defense team to be able to review the counterclaims presented by the Attorney General. I have written to the Honorable Judge of the Constitutional Court to request his intervention in this matter. We expect that a copy of the requested document will be provided to us today without further delay since the Constitutional Court notified the Parties of its intention to hold a physical hearing on the matter,” he warned.

Baltasar Garzón, former Spanish judge and in charge of directing the international coordination of the diplomat’s defense, stated that “the response of the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court is disappointing, but perhaps not surprising”.

He added that “Cape Verde has refused to comply with two binding decisions of the ECOWAS Court of Justice and Cape Verde has refused to recognize the instructions of the United Nations requesting it to stop the extradition proceedings against Alex Saab initiated by the United States”.

Finally, he indicated that “Cape Verde presents itself as a model of democracy, a country that respects Human Rights and international obligations. Unfortunately, since June 12, 2020, when it illegally detained Alex Saab; Cape Verde has demonstrated time and again that the opposite of these claims is the truth”, he argued.

However, the defense of the ambassador , has an uncertainty before the pronouncement of the Secretariat, where it indicates that the appellant must attend personally. Therefore, Alex Saab’s defense does not explain how this process can move forward, since his client is not allowed to leave the house where he is under house arrest, and that “he should personally go to examine the document”. It is worth mentioning that Saab’s illegal detention is being carried out in Isla de Sal; while the Constitutional Court is in Isla de Santiago.