The team of lawyers for the defense of Alex Saab denounced the Attorney General of Cape Verde, José Landim, after learning of the actions taken by the authorities of the African country against the life and health of the Venezuelan ambassador.

José Landim, Attorney General of Cape Verde, has been denounced by the defense in the case of Alex Saab’s detention in Cape Verde, for allegedly violating the rights of his client.

As it is known Alex Saab was arrested on June 12, 2020 when his aircraft was heading to Iran and made a stop in the African country; to refuel, the charges against him is money laundering in the United States.

At the time of the arrest the defense team of Alex Saab; expressed the unconstitutionality of that act since Saab has diplomatic immunity for being a special envoy of Venezuela.

Alex Saab denounces Attorney General José Landim

The defense of diplomat Alex Saab has filed a formal complaint against the attorney general of Cape Verde; and against the inspectors of the judicial police of that country who were involved in the arrest of the ambassador.

“Deemed offense against physical integrity, torture and cruel, degrading or inhuman treatment, theft of personal property; abuse of power, attempt against foreign authorities, passive corruption and kidnapping”; have resulted the charges for which José Landim and the police inspectors have been denounced.

Saab’s defense has expressed the need for a detailed investigation of the facts since the arrest and trial of his client and that if the decision on this complaint is favorable, they will demand civil indemnification from the Cape Verdean prosecutor and the inspectors.

Alex Saab’s human rights violations during the arrest and trial process have been expressed several times by the team of lawyers defending him.

This complaint filed against the attorney general of Cape Verde and the police officers of that country has been filed considering that this lawsuit would not influence the extradition decision to be taken by the Constitutional Court of the African country.