The defense team of Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab rejects the new one-week extension request made by the United States to file its pleadings.

As part of the process of the case, the United States has twice postponed the presentation of its appeals before the federal court; this as part of the dilatory maneuvers of the U.S. government to extend the unfair process that continues to be given to the Special Envoy, Alex Saab.

As will be recalled, Alex Saab‘s defense attorneys requested last August 25 before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Atlanta, to deny the request made by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for a 30-day period to file their pleadings on October 7 and not on September 7.

Delaying tactics

At the time, the US authorities argued that the extension “was necessary” because the case is being handled by new prosecutors.

Now that the deadline has expired, the defense team is facing a new tactic to prolong the judicial process; as a sign of desperation in the face of the firmness of the arguments in favor of the diplomatic immunity of Alex Saab as Special Envoy of the Republic of Venezuela to Iran.

Thus, the U.S. justice is playing for time by dragging out the judicial case while continuing to pressure Cape Verde to hand over Ambassador Alex Nain  Saab Morán in exchange for perks and protection.