Alex Saab’s defense team has informed that he has no links with the companies that were investigated and acquitted in the criminal case associated with the Ecuadorian company Foglocons. 

For its part, the defense emphasized that Saab “has no ties nor has done any business with former presidents Juan Manuel Santos and Rafael Correa”, according to a statement published on Tuesday.

Likewise, the international team of jurists clarifies that “Foglocons of Ecuador was subject to a judicial process in which all its accounting and financial information was exhaustively reviewed”.

The statement issued by Alex Saab‘s defense, which culminated with the “dismissal of the case in favor of the defendants, which became res judicata in 2016. This legal qualification has been clearly explained by former Attorney General Galo Chiriboga”.

The defense of the diplomat, argues that “it is not explained why if it is about alleged facts that happened, investigated and clarified in Ecuador, they intend to generate a political event in Colombia in the middle of election season”.

Finally, the lawyers consider it of utmost importance that Ecuadorian authorities and those of other latitudes investigate “the unusual interest of Ecuadorian deputies to generate false news”. This “based on a fact absolutely clarified by the authorities of that country”.

“Ecuadorian Dossier”.

Fernando Villavicencio, journalist and Ecuadorian assemblyman is the one who has revived the issue in the country.

Therefore, Villavicencio, created an alleged “dossier” that talks about an asset laundering network and presented it to President Iván Duque. It involves, without evidence, the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, the former senator Piedad Córdoba, the former presidents Hugo Chávez and Rafael Correa, among other personalities of the region.

In question

The journalist has a professional ethics with a low reputation, which in a Twitter thread, some of his tricks can be glimpsed: 

Being an important event in his professional ethics, which the journalist is accused of falsifying the university degree; for his part, a judge in Ecuador sentenced him to 18 months in prison for slandering the former president Correa, also for insulting the doctor Juan Fernando Quevedo. In addition, he is accused of concealing a murder and handling information at his own convenience. As if that were not enough, the media reported that he had used trickery to receive a double settlement in PetroEcuador.

Finally, Córdoba assures that “I am going to denounce this wretch. I will go to Quito myself and I will not rest until justice makes him pay for the damage he has caused me”.