Alex Saab’s defense requested a Cape Verdean court to review and file the case of his extradition to the United States.

In a statement, the legal team of Saab, who has been detained in Cape Verde since June 2020 at the request of the U.S., indicated that they have filed a request before the Court of Appeals of Barlavento, in the northern island of St. Vincent, with an argument based on the violation of the “ne bis in idem” principle, which stipulates that no one can be tried more than once for the same crime.

Therefore, they indicated that this principle is enshrined in the Constitution of Cape Verde; and in the law of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters of this West African island country, indicated the Cape Verdean lawyer José Manuel Pinto Monteiro.

According to the defense of the Venezuelan Ambassador, Alex Saab; the request is based on an “important supervening fact”. Therefore, the Geneva Public Prosecutor’s Office (GPP) ended earlier this year a three-year investigation into the money laundering charges against Alex Saab, after concluding that there was no evidence to support the accusations.

United States and its trickery, open new legal proceedings against Alex Saab

“Not only was the investigation terminated without charges, but the GPP also agreed to pay compensation to Saab, which, under the relevant Swiss law, is tantamount to an acquittal,” Pinto argued.

Moreover, “a significant part of the funds received in Switzerland and that have triggered the investigation were received from companies linked to the same Venezuelan social housing program that is at the heart of a Miami court’s July 25, 2019 indictment against Alex Saab and that has served as the basis for the extradition request made by the United States to Cape Verde.”

With these arguments, the lawyers have asked the Barlavento Court to examine “this important supervening fact and file the extradition case” against Ambassador Alex Saab.