The credibility of the key witness against Alex Saab is collapsing. This has been assured by the defense of the Venezuelan diplomat.

Therefore, Alex Saab’s defense assures that there are documents that demolish the credibility of Bruce Bagley, the so-called “key witness”; being this the alleged “intermediary of Alex Saab”.

On the other hand, Bagley has been accused by the Prosecutor’s Office of lying, after signing a document in defense of Juan Francisco “Kiko” Gómez Cechar, former governor of the Department of La Guajira in Colombia, accused of paramilitary links.

Document exposing the lack of credibility of the so-called “key witness”.

The document that exposes Bagley’s lack of credibility was released by U.S. journalist Joshua Goodman, who is a correspondent for the Associated Press.

First, Bagley stated about his refusal to write an affidavit assuring that “Kiko” Gómez was not involved in paramilitary activities, and that he did so “because his investigation revealed that, in fact, Kiko Gómez was involved in Colombia’s notorious paramilitary activities”.

However, the U.S. government had access to a notarized affidavit which was signed by Bagley and dated December 12, 2015. In it he testified that in his “professional opinion there was no evidence” that Kiko Gómez was personally involved with paramilitary organizations.

So too, considering the document which testifies in favor of Kiko Gomez and his subsequent denial of it, there are two possibilities, the defense statement explains: Either Bagley’s statement about his investigation in his sentencing presentation is false, or, if not, he signed a false affidavit in 2015.

Whatever the allegation, what is tangible is that this “key witness” has committed a crime, either by false testimony or by lending his name to the signing of a false document.

Being then these actions, the ones that collapse Bagley’s credibility; therefore, they have left in evidence the Department of Justice, which in its eagerness to build a case without foundation or proof, resorts to such a little credible witness to attack the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab.