Today marks 454 days of Alex Saab’s detention, where human rights have been violated and it is also part of a strategy of the United States, related to the persecution of Venezuela.

In Alex Saab The Series chapter 5 second season, which is already available on YouTube, makes reference to the issue of the financial blockade that has as its central objective: to monitor and punish any type of sovereign action that can be generated with the Venezuelan State.

The documentary shows key points of the first signs of the illegal execution of the arrest of the Venezuelan Ambassador, Alex Saab, who was in charge of contributing to the procurement of food and medicines in times of pandemic.

Therefore, among the first indications is the expression of Mr. William Brownfield, diplomatic Ambassador of the United States; who would have indicated that “the best resolution would be to accelerate the collapse even if it produces a period of greater suffering, for a period of months or perhaps years”. The other indication comes from the Venezuelan political leader and lawyer, Julio Borge, who through a campaign directed against the Clap committees indicates: “Venezuela wants production and not CLAP bags”.

Both expressions have been pointed out and scandalized nationally and internationally.

Chapter 5 of Alex Saab The Series available on YouTube

The complete story from the first season is available on the official channel of the Venezuelan Ambassador. The battle for Alex Saab’s freedom is being fought in the courts, in the media, in social networks and in the streets.

Below is chapter 5 of Alex Saab the Series; log in and follow the story of the Venezuelan Ambassador, Alex Saab.