The African country of Cape Verde continues to fail to comply with the court order for the transfer of Ambassador Alex Saab, for health reasons; kidnapped since June 2020 on the island of Sal, denounced the Venezuelan official’s legal team.

The Court of Barlovento, in the northern island of St. Vincent, gave the permission last August 31 “because his health is deteriorating to the point of serious concern to us and his doctors,” said Cape Verdean lawyer José Manuel Pinto Monteiro in a statement late Wednesday.

However, authorities in the West African island nation have not evacuated special envoy Alex Saab from the also northern island of Sal to the southern island of Santiago, where Praia is located and can have access to specialized medical care.

Cape Verde refuses the transfer of Alex Saab

The Venezuelan ambassador, illegally detained in Cape Verde since June last year, at the request of the United States, “continues to be held under an oppressive regime of house arrest, without the medical attention he urgently needs,” Pinto stressed.

“It is clear that those guarding Alex Saab have been told that they must do whatever it takes to delay his transfer to Praia and continue with a routine of cruel and sadistic behavior aimed at breaking him physically and mentally,” the lawyer asserted.

In a video published, also by the legal team, physician Karol Sikora, professor of oncology at the Imperial College of London, assured that the treatment received by Alex Nain Saab is “outrageous” given the deterioration of his health, since he has suffered “stomach cancer”, among other ailments, and “he receives almost no medical attention”.

Below is the full video of Professor Karol Sikora’s statement on the current situation of the Venezuelan ambassador.