After declaring that the extradition process of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab should be “free of political interference”, the United States seems to have taken different actions than that.

Thus, on Cape Verde’s Independence Day, July 5, through an announcement aimed at this holiday; U.S. Ambassador Jeff Diagle announced on Sunday that the U.S. intends to drastically increase the size of its embassy complex in the West African archipelago.

According to media reports, Ambassador Diagle has stated that the value of the project is “$400 million” and will result in a “direct injection of $100 million” into the Cape Verdean economy. Local observers, however, have questioned the timing of this announcement; as only days before the Cape Verde Constitutional Court is expected to decide on the appeal on Alex Saab’s extradition case to the United States.

Given that Cape Verde’s GDP is under $2 billion; so too, the question would be, how would a project that would represent 20% of that GDP be feasible, is for Ambassador Daigle to explain.

Commentators also point out that the trade-off the award brings hanging is clear. Ambassador Diagle is quoted as saying that “a lot of work remains to be completed” before the embassy complex expansion is secured.

Locals would not be surprised if the extradition of Alex Saab, a legally appointed the venezuelan ambassador whose arrest and extradition have twice been declared illegal by the ECOWAS Court of Justice, could help pave the way.