This Tuesday, the authorities of Cape Verde denied the entry of the doctor of the Special Ambassador and ambassador Alex Saab; which represents a flagrant violation of the human rights of the ambassador  and a risk to his life, given his health problems.

This was reported by the defense team of Ambassador Alex Saab, emphasizing that the police prevented the entry of the health personnel; even though they complied with all the permits required by the African nation.

Alex Saab’s right

It should be recalled that last January 21, the Court of Appeals of Barlovento established the right of Alex Saab to receive medical attention; consequently, with this refusal, the Cape Verdean authorities show disrespect to their own courts, obeying US pressures to keep the Venezuelan ambassador kidnapped.

Likewise, last March 15, the Court of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), ruled in favor of Saab, ordering his immediate release; and more recently, the UN Human Rights Committee asked Cape Verde to adopt “the necessary measures to guarantee Saab access to adequate medical care, preferably by independent and specialized doctors of his choice”.

This is a new demonstration of the cruelty against Alex Saab, who has been kidnapped for 390 days without receiving medical assistance, with which Cape Verde insists on the disrespect to its own laws and international treaties that provide for the immunity of the Venezuelan ambassador and must be released.