Today it was announced that the Prosecutor of the Republic of Cape Verde admitted that the arrest warrant for Alex Saab issued on June 12, 2020 was in the name of another person.

This announcement comes after one year of the illegal arrest of Ambassador Alex Saab, being victim of torture and other human rights violations; exposed at international level by the ambassador, his defense and family members.

In the counter-allegations presented before the Constitutional Court, the PGR requests rectification in these terms: “it is mentioned that there is an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol against the appellant issued by the U.S. judicial authorities in the file. The merger of the order in the name of Álvaro Enrique Pulido-Vargas”.

Let us remember that on June 12, 2020, when Alex Nain Saab was arrested while refueling in Sal Island; neither the warrant nor the Red Alert was presented to him. This warrant arrived days later, but this was annulled, since the Red Alert is not a court order for imprisonment.

Illegal arrest of Alex Saab

The arrest of Special Envoy Alex Nain Saab was on June 12, 2020, during his technical stopover on the island of Sal; Republic of Cape Verde as part of a diplomatic mission to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

At the time of the arrest there was no Interpol Red Alert, and when the Red Warning against Ambassador Saab arrived, there was no warrant for his arrest. The INTERPOL Red Alert was issued in violation of the Interpol Rules and was therefore cancelled on June 25.

Alex Saab arrest warrant under a different name

In order to issue the Red Notice, the requesting party, in this case the United States, had to submit an arrest warrant to the Interpol General Secretariat; but it failed to do so, in violation of its own rules. Saab’s defense only received a copy of the Red Notice on June 18, 2020, almost a week later.

Henrique Borges, Cape Verde representative in actions at the ECOWAS court; presented a communication between Interpol, Washington and PRAIA where he confirmed that the Red Notice was issued later.

This is how Alex Saab remained imprisoned without any basis until June 29, 2020; when the extradition request from the United States arrived.

However, the extradition request did not contain an arrest warrant in the name of Ambassador Saab, but the arrest warrant was issued in the name of Mr. Alvaro Pulido.

In its pleadings, Saab’s defense has pointed out the absence of the arrest warrant in its opposition to the extradition; filed on January 14, 2021 and in its appeal before the Constitutional Court.

Likewise, the Attorney General only in his position presented before the Constitutional Court on June 28, 2021; admitted that there was an error in the arrest warrant attached to the Extradition Request, and attached the rectified version of the arrest warrant.