Camilla Fabri, wife of the Special Envoy, Alex Saab, delivered gifts for Christmas to the little ones at the Hospital Materno Infantil del Valle Comandante Supremo Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, filling with joy the hearts of the boys and girls of the Hospital Materno Infantil del Valle. 

Via Twitter Camilla Fabri, left between seeing the example of struggle and perseverance for the love of Venezuela and its people.

“The doctors of the Hospital Materno Infantil Del Valle Cmdte. Supremo Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías are true angels on earth. Wonderful people with whom we share smiles. Thank you for opening the doors to your healing energy. 

“Merry Christmas girls and boys” Camilla Fabri, wife of Alex Saab

In honor of her husband, Camilla Fabri has been mobilized to do beautiful social work for the people of Venezuela; understanding Alex Saab’s love for this country.

Alex Nain Saab Moran continues to be illegally detained in the United States. The Venezuelan government has labeled this vile and heinous act of “kidnapping”, therefore, the actions of the United States, under the command of Joe Biden’s administration, are involved in violations of international diplomatic laws. 

Likewise, Alex Saab is fighting tirelessly, without giving in to the torture and inhumane treatment he has been subjected to since his illegal detention in Cape Verde.