The wife of diplomat Alex Saab, Camilla Fabri, in the middle of an interview offered to VTV, during the program Sin Etiqueta; read for the first time a letter dated July 3, 2020, which she received in her own handwriting. 

In the middle of the program, Camilla Fabri moved the audience by narrating the lines written by her husband during his kidnapping in Cape Verde.

Likewise, Fabri narrated in detail the tortures to which he was subjected in Cape Verde. He was the victim of asphyxiation attempts and psychological pressure because he refused to sign his extradition to the United States, as well as to testify against the legitimate government of Venezuela.

Alex Saab, wrote details of his torture in a first letter sent to his wife

“From there he took me to a dark dungeon and left me on the floor, it was about 10 p.m. maximum. The next day he returned, calculation at midnight. There I was without water or anything, urinating in a hole that you could see and with an infernal heat. When he arrived he told me to take off my shirt and jeans, I stayed in my underwear. I sat down on a chair he brought and he put handcuffs on me from behind. He began to tell me that I had to sign the extradition voluntarily, as I always refused he grabbed a blue plastic bag and put it on my head. He squeezed it, choking me, while insisting that I had to sign. Every time he got more and more angry,” read Fabri, moved, “There were two more with him.

“There were two more with him, but they had hoods, I didn’t see their faces and they didn’t talk. He said that one of them was a gringo and that if I collaborated I would not be in jail anymore. I kept refusing and then he put a towel over my head and began to pour water on me; the other two detained me. I stayed like that for several hours. He told me that he was going to kill me and that I had to sign a statement against the Venezuelan government, accusing it of corruption and that I was asking to overthrow the government. He did not hit me, I suppose, so as not to leave marks, but he hit the wall,” he continued.

“I was back to nothing and I told him to stop, because his only option was to kill me and he would get into a lot of trouble (…) I was back to nothing, loves, drowning. I thought he was going to hit me but he looked at the others and said: ‘Communist, I should have asked for more money’. They took off my handcuffs but then he threw me another dry towel (..) They gave me my clothes and left. They took his chair. Then others came the next day and took me to the first judge (…) I didn’t say anything about this because I felt it was not going to happen and to talk about it was to give myself a nightmare in jail. I didn’t tell the ambassador either.”

“Everything was in the dungeon where this man put me before presenting me to the judge and she sent me to Sal prison (…) Among all the barbarities that this guy told me, was that I should stop the production of food to my people. I always told him no, that this was a political problem and that the people had to have food. This made him angrier and he said he would kill me. I told him that my people were instructed to produce more food in my absence and he went crazy”, Camilla ends the reading of the letter.

Alex is resistance and firmness

On the other hand, Camilla Fabri ratifies that “Alex is still very firm, he has the values that his parents taught him very deeply rooted”. This is the reason why “they have tortured him, they have denied him any human right”, she adds. “One day they came in at night and cut the veins in his wrists. They cut him with a metal instrument and to cover this up the jailers said that he did it himself with a pencil,” she says, insisting on the hell her husband is living through. She also recalled that he has not received medical attention or the medicines that a cancer survivor like him requires.

She also stated that in the United States the torture has not ceased; therefore, “Every prisoner receives e-mails from his relatives 20 minutes later, while Alex receives them 15 days later (…) On weekends I don’t know anything about him, the lawyers can’t get in on weekends either. They dressed him in orange, they have thrown him crumbs as food and he has lost more weight. In the first hearing we all saw how to humiliate him they showed him dressed in orange and the judge said it was illegal.”

“Alex lives for his children.”

“Alex has been with me in the most important moments. For example, I had a complicated period in my second pregnancy and Alex was with me and this brought us together a lot,” she explains.

She also emphasizes that Alex lives for her children, “they are the motivation for the fight”, she says. Asked if her husband is jealous of her notorious beauty and intelligence, she replies that they have “a relationship based on trust. He knows that I love him too much and even though I haven’t seen him for a year and a half, I feel very loved”, she barely understands him because she chokes with tears.

Camilla says that as soon as she heard about the kidnapping in Cape Verde, on June 20, 2020, she tried “to react immediately because it was the only way to help Alex”.

“The truth is that I have a beautiful relationship with my two oldest children and the youngest is 12 years old and lives with me. Now in December I am going to enroll him here in school because it is difficult to maintain this distance,” she says about her relationship with Alex’s first three children.

She adds that the youngest of her daughters with him practically does not know him, because he was kidnapped when she was only six months old. And she says that the eldest, who is four and a half years old, says that when she sees her father again “she will squeeze him and eat him with kisses”.

Finally, she confesses excitedly that she cannot imagine a life without Alex and that she hopes to see him again to realize the dream of a “quieter life”. “This last year and a half I have only wished to see Alex again (…) He knows that I will always fight for him”.