As what Ambassador Alex Saab did so much for Venezuela, his wife Camilla Fabri, dedicated her husband’s birthday to a mass in his honor, as well as gladdening the hearts of all the children present. 

“Today is his birthday, and this day we want to celebrate him doing what he did and still does today, working for the Venezuelan people to be always better, to be taken care of and that, despite the sanctions, we continue to bring smiles for this country, because that was the mission he was entrusted with,” said Camilla who did not hesitate to express her love for the Venezuelan people.

Camilla Fabri Alex Saab

“Today I understand more the love that Alex has for this land, the love that I have awakened, for this my home, and with much gratitude I accept the love that we receive from the Venezuelans,” she said.

Mass in honor of the diplomat

The mass was in charge of Father Numa Molina, in the church of the city of Caribia; it is in the capacity of making a greater force of protection to the Venezuelan Special Envoy, who remains kidnapped in the United States.

Camilla Fabri Alex Saab

During the mass, the wife of the diplomat, Alex Nain Saab, ratified that the fight against injustice and abuse will continue; she also emphasized the fight for freedom and respect for the dignity of the Venezuelan people. 

“We continue fighting for the dignity of this people to be respected, because the arrogance of the right wing against humanist ideals must stop”, emphasized Fabri, who said that “today, in the spirit of Christmas, our message is to continue defending life and peace, because taking care of the people is not a crime and Venezuela has the right to be sovereign”.