It was learned that Cape Verde is still not executing the humanitarian measure in the case of the Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab, who has been kidnapped in the African country since June 12, 2020.

Therefore, the Ambassador’s defense lawyer, the Spaniard, Baltazar Garzón, made a statement during an interview to the Colombian radio station Atlántico, conducted by journalist Jorge Cura.

It is worth mentioning that recently an order was issued in favor of Saab; which granted him the right to health; giving him permission to be transferred to the city of Praia, with the firm purpose that he could receive the appropriate oncological attention there.

In addition, the Spanish lawyer, Baltazar Garzón, described that “during the time he was kept in prison, the conditions were violent; we are talking about a very high level of violence with respect to his own physical integrity and that undoubtedly has influenced the ailments he is suffering and that in spite of having reiterated his situation on many occasions, and asking that the prison measure be replaced by other gentler ones, he was denied”, he recalled.

“His health situation is very precarious and despite being under house arrest the conditions in which he has been cared for have been practically non-existent; no doctor of personal family designation has been allowed to see him, always with police presence.”

Likewise, Garzón indicated that these conditions could change in Praia, “but for the moment what we know is that, as a consequence of the very serious and strict conditions of the prison, in which he has suffered mistreatment and the conditions in the cell itself were absolutely inhumane, Mr. Saab’s health has deteriorated, it has fallen drastically (…) All because of the stubbornness of the authorities and the pressure from the United States”, he emphasized.

The defender insisted that Saab has been denied all humanitarian rights; and therefore, due process is not respected, indicating that “he is a diplomatic agent, his credentials were in his possession, in his luggage, and in spite of that he was detained”.

He also stated that the international lawyers have not been able to enter Cape Verde and that he has not been given the right to access Alex Saab’s defense in the United States.

Finally, Garzón pointed out that the transfer of the diplomat to the Cape Verdean capital Praia has not yet materialized; permission requested by the defense and which was authorized on September 1st of this year, by the Court of Appeals of Barlavento.

He also urged that “his health situation is very precarious and in spite of being under house arrest, the conditions in which he has been attended to have been practically non-existent; no doctor of personal or family designation has been allowed to see him, and always with police presence”.