The cries for justice “Free Alex Saab“, are getting louder internationally, the violation of human rights and other irregularities; makes Bishop Filipe Teixeira make a visit to Alex Saab, along with an emergency delegation, to corroborate his current situation.

The delegation visiting Alex Saab in Cape Verde is made up of Cape Verdean religious leader, Bishop Felipe Teixeira, along with Cape Verdean politician Pericles Tavares and human rights activists Sara Flounders of the International Action Center and Roger Harris of the Task Force on the Americas.

The emergency delegation of the International Solidarity Committee #FreeAlexSaab is on its way to Cape Verde; to meet with the ambassador to the African union kidnapped more than 340 days ago, due to political persecution by the U.S. government.

Bishop Filipe Teixeira visits Alex Saab

Among the personalities arriving to the island is the religious leader of Cape Verde, Bishop Felipe Teixeira.

The renowned religious Bishop Filipe Teixeira has more than 25 years working with migrants and refugees; defending the Cape Verdeans, the family, the youth in all parts of the world.

So to make sure that the rights of Special Envoy for Iran and Russia Alex Saab are not being violated; Bishop Filipe Teixeira visits Alex Saab to take a closer look at his current situation.

“It is time for the government of Cape Verde to listen to me, I come as a religious leader to ask the Prime Minister, the President, the Ministry of Justice to listen to us. Our call is to free Alex Saab, he is just a human being with a heart to help the poor of Venezuela, but besides, he was feeding the hungry” Teixeira indicated in an interview in Lisbon, on his way to Cape Verde.

Cape Verde in contempt

Let us recall that days before, the court of Barlovento authorized the lodging of Alex Saab’s sister in Cape Verde; to support the ambassador for his illegal imprisonment.

However, the government of Cape Verde, saw this measure as unnecessary, and denied Alex Saab’s sister; accommodation in the house where she is serving her unjust and illegal house arrest.

“What they did to Alex should make them ashamed, he did exactly what Jesus would do, if Jesus was here today to feed the poor. So again, I beg and I ask the prime minister, the president, the minister of justice, to listen to us, to give an opportunity to correct what the Cape Verdeans have done wrong for most of the year” Teixeira revealed.

It is important to note that this is the first international delegation to examine the harsh conditions endured by Alex Saab far from his family.

In addition, that the delegation to Cape Verde will assess the violation of diplomatic immunity; and discuss the humanitarian purpose of Saab’s work to provide desperately needed food, medicine and essential supplies to U.S.-sanctioned Venezuela.