After a myriad of irregularities in the detention of the Venezuelan ambassador to the African Union Alex Saab, the Prosecutor José Landim confirms that his detention was entirely for political reasons; and the extradition request continues due to pressure from the U.S. government.

The Attorney General of the Republic José Landim, was in charge of executing the decision of the Government of Cape Verde; to extradite to the United States the Venezuelan Special Ambassador to Iran and Russia Alex Saab, after his illegal detention in the island of Sal.

The detention of Alex Saab, was made when he was performing diplomatic duties; on behalf of Venezuela.

“I am not detained, I have been kidnapped since June 12, 2020. There is no justice in Cape Verde, only the will of Ulisses Correia (Prime Minister of the African country) and his team. Secondly, the ECOWAS Court ruled that my detention was illegal and arbitrary, as neither a red notice nor an arrest warrant had been issued. The Red Notice was issued the next day and no arrest warrant was ever produced. Then Interpol had to cancel it because it was illegal.” Alex Saab indicated in the interview to the media El ESPECTADOR.

Arrest of Alex Saab was politically motivated

The head of the Cape Verdean Public Prosecutor’s Office, José Landim, answered the journalists’ questions about the Alex Saab case; about the violations of his rights and the refusal of Cape Verde to recognize the international sentences issued in favor of Alex Saab’s case.

During the interview, the prosecutor admitted that the process could have political consequences for the country, which is tantamount to recognizing that it was politically motivated; since he always defended the diplomatic defense, which in light of the Constitution makes any extradition impossible.

“From the beginning, we have always said that we apply the laws of Cape Verde and the Constitution of the Republic, and not laws that one wants to impose from outside. We apply what we understand as applicable law. Other consequences will be political, perhaps, but it is no longer for me to answer that question. If there are other consequences, I am sure that the State will know how to react because I believe that we are acting well”, said PGR Jose Landim, after a meeting with the President of the Republic.

It is important to note that, according to the laws of Cape Verde, the extradition of any person from the national territory to another country for political reasons is prohibited.

Release Alex Saab

Cape Verde is currently in contempt of ECOWAS, after it granted full freedom to Alex Saab; and ordered to compensate the damages caused against the ambassador and consequently, against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

José Manuel Pinto Monteiro, main Cape Verdean lawyer of the Venezuelan special envoy; reacted immediately to the Attorney General’s statements.

“The remarks of the PGR, today, are clear and unequivocal proof of the political character of Cape Verde’s intervention in this matter. What is certain is that the detention of Alex Saab was, from the beginning, a political decision; and it is a political decision that must be taken to release him. If you intend to preserve the good name of Cape Verde, this is your opportunity to confess that you were wrong and do the right thing,” said Pinto Monteiro.

Most importantly, the emergency delegation of the International Solidarity Committee #FreeAlexSaab is on its way to Cape Verde.

This is the first international delegation to examine; the harsh conditions Alex Saab has endured away from his family.