The Special Envoy and Ambassador of Venezuela to the African Union, Alex Saab, has made public a statement in which he expresses his current situation in Cape Verde, after the Court of that country ruled in favor of the United States.

Alex Saab assured that he will be back in the country for the upcoming regional and municipal elections of November 21; with the firm purpose of supporting the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

Likewise, in the middle of the communiqué he has qualified his detention as a kidnapping and assures to fight this battle against judicial overreach for political reasons in Washington. Alex Nain Saab Morán also stated that Cape Verde’s decision “is poorly argued and is legally incoherent”.

On the other hand, he thanked the support to his defense, the people of Venezuela and President Nicolás Maduro, as well as his cabinet; who have been an unconditional support during the last fifteen months.

The following is Alex Saab’s statement on Cape Verde’s decision:


I was kidnapped 455 days ago while on a Special Humanitarian Mission in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shortly after beginning my forced journey through the Cape Verdean legal system, I was told that the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde is made up of judges who are fair and understand how to protect the good name of the country. I was told that the Court was the “guardian of the Constitution.” 

On September 7, the so-called Guardians of the Constitution issued a decision on my appeal against extradition to the United States. I am not sure where to begin in describing this ruling, however, let me try. 

It is poorly written, poorly argued and legally incoherent. 

Using the law for political purposes, or lawfare, to be successful requires that the judges who carry it out have some inherent talent which, unfortunately, seems to be absent in the numerous Cape Verdean judges who have sat in judgment of me over the past 15 months. 

Quite simply, the result is legally deplorable. 

To all the sensationalist trash who have started writing or tweeting about my disappearance and “extradition” as if it were a certainty, let me say the following: 

Many of you, the same peddlers of half-truths and lies, blithely told the world that I would be in Miami within days of my abduction. 455 days later, although I am still kidnapped in Cape Verde and despite yesterday’s sentence, I remain confident that I will prevail in my battle against politically motivated judicial overreach by the United States. No matter the false evidence, no matter the amount of political pressure applied by the United States, no matter the extent of Cape Verde’s morally corrupt conspiracy with its new colonial masters, I will not capitulate and will simply withdraw. 

I have nothing but words of gratitude for having the support of President Nicolas Maduro, his cabinet and the Venezuelan people in these last 15 months. 

In addition, I have the unwavering support of my wife Camila and my 5 children. 

My legal team has put together an extraordinary defense that has surprised many detractors and I have full confidence in the team’s ability to ensure my safe return to Venezuela. I will leave no legal stone unturned and no forum unexplored to secure my freedom. 

To my friends, my family and the people of Venezuela I say this: I am a patriot and a grateful son of Venezuela. I will never betray the Bolivarian Republic, President Maduro and the brave people of Venezuela. With the strength that comes from knowing that I am completely innocent of the false accusations of the United States, I hope to be back in Venezuela in time to support President Nicolas Maduro and the PSUV in the upcoming mayoral and gubernatorial elections in November. 

Always Loyal!

We will win!