The Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) and other international organizations based in Geneva, Héctor Constant Rosales, held a meeting this Monday with the UN Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on human rights, Alena Douhan, with whom he discussed the case of the Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab, kidnapped in Cape Verde more than a year ago.

Héctor Constant Rosales and Alena Douhan on the Alex Saab Case

Through his account on the social network Twitter, the Venezuelan representative to the UN detailed that they talked about the report on Venezuela; which will be presented by the rapporteur at the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council and, in addition, they discussed “cases such as that of Alex Saab; and other illegal abuses that prevent us (Venezuela) from acquiring medical equipment”.

It is important to note that at the time of his arbitrary detention in the African country, the Venezuelan special envoy to Iran, Alex Saab, was engaged in humanitarian work; for the acquisition of food, medicines and fuel for the Venezuelan people, facing the economic blockade imposed by the government of the United States (U.S.) and its allies against the South American nation.

In this sense, the ambassador to the UN and other international organizations based in Geneva made a statement last July, during the 47th session of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions, where he reiterated the illegality of the actions carried out, by orders of the US empire, against Saab.
At that time, Constant Rosales denounced that “Alex Saab’s health has deteriorated dramatically, due to the lack of adequate medical attention since his illegal detention, due to his condition as a cancer patient and an endless number of pathologies that require immediate attention”.

Likewise, he insisted on the call for “the working group to pronounce itself on the arbitrary nature of this detention, which constitutes a danger to the life of Ambassador Saab, also demanding his immediate release”.