The Venezuelan ambassador to Switzerland, Roy Chaderton Matos, has indicated that the kidnapping of the diplomat Alex Saab is a horrible and blatant act of violation of Human Rights (HR), by the permanent and historical line of the United States (US) administration without caring against which citizen or which country in the world. 

For his part, the ambassador indicated that Alex Saab landed on October 16 in the city of Miami, Florida; he was kidnapped for the second time, coming from Cape Verde, where he was kept for more than a year deprived of his freedom.

Remembering that Alex Saab, when he was kidnapped, was on a commission for the acquisition of food for the South American nation, as well as medicine and fuel.

His plane landed in Cape Verde because he needed to refuel in order to take off again. However, he was kidnapped and placed under house arrest; until he was put behind bars, all this arbitrarily and against his will.

The only reason for which reprisals were taken againstthe diplomat  Alex Saab were his actions aimed at guaranteeing the stability and welfare of the Venezuelan nation, Chaderton stated in declarations to Venezuela News.

Likewise, he assured that the kidnapping of Saab demonstrates the contempt of imperialist sectors against the nations of the world; furthermore, with it the US broke with all the parameters of international rules, in addition to violating the principles on human rights.

“Here there was premeditation, malice aforethought and overkill. All under the power of the imperial dictatorship, which we must get used to call it an imperial dictatorship and not the United States”, the ambassador detailed.

Therefore, he also added that within this situation, it is necessary to consider the permanent attacks to international relations that Venezuela has experienced in the last years.

“These things must be denounced, permanently there must be people who are subjecting the United States to the same trials they are subjecting us to”, he remarked.

The efforts for Saab to obtain his freedom must not stop, because “if we continue multiplying the international audience to save him and save all those who are under the threat of the United States, we can feel satisfied to offer him, with all that international support, his freedom, his salvation”, he warned.