Jorge Rodríguez, plenipotentiary head of the delegation of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, made public at the Dialogue Table in Mexico the letter sent by Alex Saab reaffirming loyalty and resistance to the Venezuelan homeland, words that have touched the hearts of the world.

Since the announcement of the incorporation of Alex Saab to the Dialogue Table in Mexico, the people of Venezuela and the international community have reacted with messages of acceptance and support for the Venezuelan ambassador, who has been held hostage in Cape Verde for more than a year.

Last weekend, media from all over the world highlighted with images; the support shown by the delegation headed by Jorge Rodriguez upon its arrival in Mexico. Each member of the delegation carried signs with the image of the diplomat Alex Saab, with messages “Free Alex Saab”, “Free Alex Saab” demanding the release of the diplomat.

This Monday, the plenipotentiary head of the Bolivarian Government delegation to the Dialogue Table in Mexico, Jorge Rodriguez; made public the letter sent by Ambassador Alex Saab, kidnapped by Cape Verde authorities due to political pressures from the US.

“This letter from our delegate Alex Saab was received this morning by the members of the Bolivarian Government delegation. We were moved by his message and at the same time we feel deep indignation for the atrocities committed against our diplomat. Truth and life will prevail!” he wrote in his official account @jorgerpsuv.

Alex Nain Saab in the letter stated that the violations of his human rights will not make him surrender; so that the US imperial government can overthrow the Bolivarian Government.

He revealed that U.S. agents intended to give him a supposed “amnesty” if he prevented food from reaching Venezuela for a period of 120 days.

“For them, 120 days of hunger would be enough for the people to revolt. Did they want me to be a genocidal person?

He thanked for having been included in the delegation to the Dialogue Table in Mexico and the Venezuelan people for their great support; he also said that he is waiting to tell the world about the atrocities of an imperial regime that has violated all the human rights of his person, his family and Venezuelans.

Below is the full content of the letter sent by Alex Saab to the people of Venezuela.