Dr. Baltasar Garzón, lawyer of the legal team defending Alex Saab since his detention in Cape Verde in June 2020, qualified from the beginning of the detention the act as a kidnapping; in view that his defendant has immunity due to the fact that his defendant is a special envoy of Venezuela.

Also this lawyer has expressed that Saab’s case is political, in view that the coercion of the United States; in the case what he seeks is to obtain the extradition to that country in order to reach the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

Saab’s defense has denounced the interference by the United States in the case. However, this defense has gone ahead filing documents and requesting appeals to various courts.

Saab’s defense

“Cape Verde has refused to comply with two binding decisions of the ECOWAS Court of Justice; and Cape Verde has refused to recognize the instructions of the United Nations asking it to halt the extradition judicial process against Alex Saab; initiated by the United States,” Dr Garzon said.

Of the eight accusations that the U.S. State has imputed to Saab, the defense team of the ambassador Alex Saab has managed to reduce it to one and this imputation is not cause for extradition, so the lawyers are confident that justice will prevail in the end.

Saab’s functions as envoy are aimed at processing contracts on behalf of Venezuela, in order to overcome the consequences of the strict sanctions imposed by the United States on the South American people.

The U.S. policy is not the only one behind the unjust detention of Alex Saab; the Colombian government has also been pursuing this businessman for a long time under the accusation of money laundering.

In view of the proximity of a ruling in Saab’s case, the defense is confident that the Cape Verdean justice will heed the call of 47 nations that have requested the immediate release of the Colombian.