The defense of Alex Saab speaks about the judicial process in Cape Verde, of his represented; to which they have presumed that it is far from ending or failing that the case is closed.

Remembering that Alex Nain Saab has been detained in Cape Verde since June 12, 2020; therefore, he has been illegally arrested for more than 365 days. Likewise, the hearing in the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde, took the decision to rule in favor of the United States, on the extradition of the Venezuelan Ambassador.

Therefore, his defense team has formalized a letter where he explains details of Alex Saab’s case

Explicit letter:

The judicial process is far from over”, Dr. José Manuel Pinto Monteiro.

Alex Saab’s defense team wishes to condemn in the strongest possible terms the ill-informed and ignorant speculative comments coming from certain sections of the sensationalist media. While we appreciate that there are those who will never acknowledge that Alex Saab’s actions in delivering what has been requested of him by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on time and on budget, and that these same parties have an agenda that seeks only to show loyalty to the United States, the reality is that Alex Saab is a Special Envoy of Venezuela and his detention has been declared illegal and arbitrary by respected international organizations as well as many states.

The September 7 ruling by the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde; represents the end of several extensive legal processes underway both inside and outside of Cape Verde.

“The judicial process in Cape Verde is far from over. Those who are hysterically proclaiming the imminent extradition of Alex Saab should understand this before making absurd public statements,” commented Dr. José Manuel Pinto Monteiro, Cape Verde’s lead lawyer for Alex Saab. He continued, “It is telling that those who wish to see Alex Saab extradited to the United States remain silent when it comes to admitting that the U.S. courts themselves have yet to determine whether the United States even has jurisdiction over him, as the question of his diplomatic status has yet to be resolved by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.”

The defense team notes that the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran, among many others, have indicated that Alex Saab is a Special Envoy and is therefore entitled to immunity and inviolability. This understanding has underpinned international law and the free movement of diplomats and political agents for centuries.

In a statement issued on August 12, the Russian Federation noted that the United States and Cape Verde; would do well to understand that these long-standing international laws and practices are the same ones on which their own diplomats and political agents rely when they travel the world on official business. That statement went on to say that the arrest of diplomat Alex Saab, if not reversed, set a dangerous precedent whose consequences would come back to haunt those involved in orchestrating and executing the detention and arrest of Alex Saab.

The following is an explicit document: