On repeated occasions the defense of Ambassador Alex Saab, has tirelessly denounced the acts of violation of his human rights, therefore today the Court of Appeals of Barlavento granted the authorization on the transfer of Alex Saab to the city of Praia, for health reasons.

“The need for the ambassador must have the assistance of specialists in the area of oncology that do not exist in the Island of Sal”, alleges the court.

It is worth mentioning that this decision responds to one of the many requests made by the Venezuelan Ambassador’s defense; therefore Alex Saab will be transferred from the city of Santa Maria, on the Island of Sal; (where he is currently being illegally detained), to the city of Praia, Santiago.

“This being so, and because it seems to us that such a decision will not create great limitations, and even if it does, health must come first, it is granted; to the transfer of residence requested by Alex Saab to the city of Praia, Santiago.” The Court indicates

Transfer of Alex Saab to Praia

The Court of Appeal based its decision on the following facts: “In the analysis of the case, based on the content of the medical report; and the supporting documents, it is necessary that the detainee be assisted by specialists in the area of oncology; given the declared urgency of the matter and the known lack of specialist doctors in Isla de Sal; for health reasons that no one can deny, it seems justified that authorization be granted for his transportation to the city of Praia; where he may be properly attended by specialized doctors in the areas indicated in the report attached to the case documents. Furthermore, for humanitarian reasons, human dignity is the preponderant value of our Fundamental Law; which is directly related to the issue of the health of each person”.

The lawyers of the Venezuelan Special Envoy to Iran, Alex Saab, considered the decision positive, highlighting that “at last, a Cape Verdean Court shows some humanity towards a cancer patient”.

It is recalled that the Court of the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas), in its decision on the precautionary measures, had ordered that Alex Saab be authorized to have access to specialist doctors.

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee had already decided in this direction as well. But the Cape Verdean authorities ignored these recommendations.