On Friday, August 13, in Cape Verde, the hearing was held in the case of Alex Saab, considered by many as unconstitutional; who is unjustly accused by that country of money laundering.

Diplomat Alex Saab was arrested on June 12, while his plane was making a stop in the African country to refuel. However, the defense has underlined the illegality of this fact due to the fact that the businessman has diplomatic immunity.

In the hearing of August 13, the defense of the diplomat Alex Saab presented allegations that demonstrate the unconstitutional nature of this case; these allegations were the political nature of the process and the duplicity of incrimination.

Alex Saab’s case is unconstitutional

At the exit of the Constitutional Court, one of Alex Saab’s defense attorneys, Geraldo Almeida, expressed that “the political motivation is precisely the first negative assumption of extradition; (and) there cannot be extradition without really evaluating the political motivation”.

The allegation of duplicity of charge is based on the fact that the alleged motives for which the United States is trying to extradite Alex Saab are not considered grounds for extradition in Cape Verde.

Defendant Almeida also said that “the political character of the accusations and the extradition request was clearly demonstrated throughout the process”, hence the consideration of this process against Saab as unconstitutional.

The double incrimination is based on the fact that if Alex Saab committed is accused in Cape Verde; of committing alleged crimes in Venezuela, this South American country has no accusation against him.

“If there is no crime in Venezuela, there can be no crime in Cape Verde,” Almeida assured.

The Constitutional Court of Cape Verde did not make any decision on the day of the presentation as to whether the extradition proceeds or not; but ruled that the decision would be made known within the next seven days, so the businessman’s team of lawyers is awaiting this decision.