It was announced today that ambassador Alex Saab sent a letter to the Magistrates of the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde, requesting that his right to be heard in the session of next Friday, August 13, for the review of the appeal for the inspection of the concrete constitutionality of the extradition process from Cape Verde to the United States, be fulfilled.

The Special Envoy made this request by means of an emotional letter, where he emphasized that he has never been heard by the courts that have judged him, in addition he describes the suffering he has gone through for more than 400 days of kidnapping.

Below is the content of Alex Saab’s letter to Magistrates of Cape Verde:

August 11, 2021

Illustrious Magistrates of the Constitutional Court:

By next Friday I will be detained for 428 days. The physical location of my detention can be moved and instead of a 2×2 meter cell, now apparently; I have access to a “full house”, but, on the other hand, I only changed from solitary confinement because I have the company of 50 heavily armed guards who watch every move I make 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Over the past 400 days, my physical and psychological condition has deteriorated, to mention two of my ailments that have increased. I take solace in the knowledge that I am innocent of all the crimes they allege I committed; and of which I was told that the more I gave in, the better, because later I would have less opportunity in a Cape Verdean court to defend myself. Unfortunately, to my bitter disappointment, so far, TRB and the STJ have been denying me elementary justice. Now my fate is in your hands, you are the Guardians of the Constitution. A wise man, once told me, “No one can tell your story better than you.” And given the legal complexity and political motivation of my arrest and prosecution by the United States, it can never be too important to be able to hear directly from myself, in my own words, the injustice I have suffered since June 12, 2020.

That I am a patriot doing what my President wishes, at a time of my country’s greatest need? I do not deny it. Distinguished Judges, I do not wish to take too much of the Court’s time, but in the name of the natural law of justice, I respectfully request that, having been denied; thus far the ability to even say a word in court, I will be allowed to save my own life; and let my wife and children know that I did everything I humanly could to avoid the fate of dying in a United States prison.

Sincerely yours,

Alex Saab