Colombian businessman Alex Saab, first developed in textile companies, then with companies related to the construction of family homes as well as food importers and distributors, has demonstrated his social commitment through programs of contributions to foundations and social aid groups.
For Saab, contributing to improve the economic, social and environmental environment is a commitment that as a citizen has been ingrained in him since his early years when his parents, Lebanese immigrants, instructed him to have a positive influence on society.

“Since I was a child, through my father’s example, I was convinced that as entrepreneurs it is a human duty to collaborate to make a better world” said Alex Nain Saab Moran when asked about the influences he had for the development of his companies.

Ambassador Alex Saab, aware that the State or other organizations cannot economically reach all corners of society, has always had as a corporate policy a social responsibility plan, which, in addition to making contributions to foundations and groups, also provides a follow-up on the proper use of these resources.
The business ethics implemented in the corporation’s business vision is to reach the most socially underprivileged corners of the community, which is how these contributions reach sports, health and cultural foundations.

“We know the impact that these foundations and groups have on society, since consumers tend to choose products or goods from companies that collaborate with foundations, so the collaboration is reciprocal,” special envoy Alex Saab said.

Committed to social, environmental and economic well-being, Saab’s companies have also implemented environmental programs to reduce the negative environmental impact that their companies’ activities may cause.

The ethical treatment of employees has been a key issue in these companies, and economic and labor benefits have been developed over and above those established in the norms and laws that directly benefit employees.

Responsible management that generates greater competitiveness and business sustainability that generates direct benefits to society and to employees has been the purpose of Saab’s companies.