“I have been physically tortured, slandered, insulted, mistreated, but the soul of a warrior never humbles itself”, these words of the Colombian businessman Alex Saab are contained in the book Cartas de Alex Saab desde su secuestro during the inauguration of the International Book Fair at the Federal Legislative Palace.

This is the beginning of Alex Nain Saab‘s letters, a compilation of his writings during the time he was imprisoned in Cape Verde.

For his part, the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said that “This is something wonderful. You, who are sensitive people of the written word, of the spoken word, of the beautiful word; who are people who know what it is to express the soul of a human being in language, in poetry, in writing, in an essay; take this book home, comment on it through all the media and networks, comment on it”.

“For the sensitivity, for the values of detachment, of sacrifice, of a simple and straightforward man that the only thing he did was to help Venezuela. Alex Saab, simple and straightforward. For helping Venezuela he was persecuted, kidnapped, tortured terribly in Cape Verde and then he was kidnapped again in the United States and now they have him in the prisons of the American empire, isolated from his family. This book, really, you can’t lose it,” Maduro said.

Alex Saab’s son in Venezuela

Alex Saab’s eldest son attended at the Federal Legislative Palace. He was introduced by Camilla Fabri, wife of the Colombian: “It is an honor for me to be here together with Shadi, Alex’s son”.

“I want to thank you for all the support you have given us. Thanks to you we have made Alex’s case known to the world and we are here today presenting Alex’s book. The letters he wrote during his kidnapping in Cape Verde,” Camilla Fabri said afterwards.

Carvajalino compared Saab’s letters with those written by Franz Kafka and Antonio Gramsci. And he advanced that they will translate the book into English and publish it on social networks.

“Alex Saab’s letters are of resistance, a team raised the imperative need, through spaces, networks, media, that people know what was done with Alex Saab and what is raised from the Free Alex Saab solidarity movement. It is not a sin to bring food and medicines. What they are doing with Venezuela is trying to punish Venezuelans”, said the communicator.