From the Federal Legislative Palace, venue where Filven 2021 is being held, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, invited the Venezuelan people to read the book “Cartas de Alex Saab desde su secuestro” (Letters of Alex Saab since his kidnapping).

“This is something wonderful, you who are sensitive people of the written word, said, beautiful and you who know what language is, the expression of the soul of the human being, through poetry, essays, take this book to your homes. Comment on it through all the media and social networks,” said President Maduro.

Likewise, during the inauguration of the seventeenth International Book Fair (Filven) 2021, President Nicolás Maduro informed that the compilation of the letters in this book was made by Mario Silva, Pedro Carvajalino together with Saab’s wife, Camilla Fabri.

In this original literary work, he describes the tortures that the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, has suffered since his illegal detention; therefore, today the diplomat is in the United States, kidnapped from Cape Verde.

Thus exclaimed the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, in view of the vile kidnapping of Alex Nain Saab by the United States: “We will not rest until comrade Alex Saab is free. Enough is enough and the persecution against Venezuela must stop”, he exclaimed.

On her part, Camila de Saab, wife of the Venezuelan diplomat kidnapped in the U.S., thanked the National Government for the support given to her family. “We have managed to make Alex’s case known to the world and that is why we are here presenting Alex’s book, the letters he wrote to her during his kidnapping in Cape Verde”.

“Alex Saab, a simple and straightforward man who was persecuted, kidnapped and tortured for helping Venezuela,” said the President.