Camila Fabri Saab, wife of Alex Saab, denounced this Sunday the kidnapping, torture and violation of the diplomat’s human rights. She also held the U.S. Government responsible for his integrity in the prison to which he will be taken.

For her part, Camilla Fabri Saab, from a civic act in Caracas, assured that her husband and also Venezuelan diplomat, was kidnapped this Saturday for the second time after his extradition to the North American country, behind the back of his relatives and lawyers.

“I have nothing to collaborate with the United States and I have not committed any crime. Let us not allow ourselves to be defeated”, stated Alex Saab in a letter read by Camila Fabri Saab.

During the statements he also denounced pressures from Cape Verdean officials against his minor daughters.

“What bothers the US the most, is that my husband Alex Saab will never bend”, she affirmed.