The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Atlanta, Georgia, ordered oral arguments in the appeal filed by Alex Saab in said court.

As the process moves forward, the court, which had scheduled the appeal for the first week of April, said Thursday that oral arguments will be required from both sides.

The appeal, filed by Alex Saab in April 2021, while he was in Cape Verde, rejects that the defendant was treated as a “fugitive”; the main argument being that he enjoys diplomatic immunity when he was illegally detained in the African country.

Furthermore, by means of a document filed in 2021, in the court of appeals, the defense of the Venezuelan diplomat urges to address the issue of these alleged official privileges; therefore, it requests the dismissal of the accusation and also points out that it is this court that will decide on the matter in question.

This “court will ultimately decide immunity in all events, and the exigencies of this case practically oblige this Court to address the issue of immunity at this time,” details the document, to which Efe had access.

It underlines that “treating Saab as a fugitive would be tantamount to denying his immunity”.