Alex Saab’s trial is adjourned and prosecutors request the appeals panel to return the case to the jurisdiction of the Georgia court to determine if Alex Saab is a diplomat.

The trial against Alex Saab, product of the kidnapping executed by the United States, was suspended until further notice; according to an appeal that alleges that the Colombian businessman has diplomatic immunity.

Recalling that Alex Saab was appointed by the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, as Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Venezuela to the African Union.  Therefore, the Associated Press (AP) journalist Joshua Goodman, pointed out that the prosecutors asked the appeals panel that the case goes to the jurisdiction of the Georgia Court; which will determine whether the Colombian businessman, Saab, is a diplomat.

“Prosecutors said they have requested legal assistance from Panama and anticipate similar requests for Ecuador, Colombia and possibly Malta and Cape Verde,” the AP journalist indicated.

From Twitter, Camilla Fabri, Alex Saab’s wife, confirmed that the trial was postponed. She wrote on the social network: “Yes, indeed, as we have been denouncing, the United States is holding a Venezuelan diplomat hostage in violation of international agreements in a political trial that has already lasted 542 days”.

It is also important to remember that Judge Scola dismissed seven of the eight charges against the accused. Therefore, we remain aware of each of the actions that have arisen from this kidnapping, perpetrated in Cape Verde in the year 2020.