Alex Saab recently denounced in a new letter that he has been physically and psychologically tortured during his detention in Cape Verde, and warned that his extradition to the US shows that the Biden administration wants to “end the dialogue in Mexico”.

“Mr. President Biden, if you really believe in the dialogue that is taking place in Mexico, what do you intend by extraditing me, do you really believe that I am going to arrive there to tell, according to you, secrets to overthrow my government? Let me tell you that this will not happen and you are demonstrating that you are the ones who want to put an end to the dialogue and continue looking for fantasy solutions”, he affirms.

For his part, Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab, assures that there is not a single piece of evidence against him.

“Your accusations against me are so ridiculous and politically motivated that you have not been able to find a single piece of evidence against me. Even Switzerland smashed their case of judicial overreach by investigating me for three years and not finding, in 3,000 pages, a single operation not even suspected of being illegal,” he argues.

The Colombian businessman also indicated that the Venezuelan government, led by Nicolás Maduro, granted him the position of Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Venezuela to the African Union, and Special Envoy for the procurement of medicines and food for the Venezuelan people.

Also, in such capacity, he stated that the government of Joe Biden, U.S. offered him amnesty in exchange for refusing to import food and medicines to Venezuela for 120 days. In addition, he adds that he is constantly threatened with death in a prison in the United States.

Request for negotiation

He concludes his letter by reiterating that he wishes to be part of the negotiation.

“I would love to participate and explain to you in great detail all the damage that the sanctions have caused to our country and how they distort our economy”, he expresses.

The pro-government delegation proposed to incorporate Saab to the negotiation table and to the National Table of Social Attention. This request was rejected by the opposition counterpart.