“The hearing is rescheduled for November 15,” said Magistrate Edwin Torres.

A Miami federal judge on Monday accepted a request from Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab, accused of allegedly paying bribes of several hundred million dollars to secure contracts with the Venezuelan government.

Recalling that Alex Saab was appointed Special Envoy by the Venezuelan government since 2018, and due to the blockades raised by the United States would have been the one in charge of facing this persecution; just by bringing medicine and food to the people of Venezuela.

Therefore, before this accusation, the government of Cape Verde has lent itself to put together a plan that ended with the kidnapping of the Venezuelan Ambassador to the African Union, Alex Saab and exposed to the government managed today by Joe Biden.

The postponement took place two weeks after Saab’s first appearance before a Miami court after his kidnapping, perpetrated under the name of extradition from Cape Verde; which further strained relations between the United States and Venezuela and interrupted the dialogue between the Maduro government and the opposition held in Mexico.

Recalling that in the middle of a letter read in Caracas by his wife Camilla Fabri; Saab expressed that he was innocent of all accusations. Furthermore, he said that he had no reason to collaborate with the United States, as some defendants usually do when sealing deals with prosecutors to obtain a reduction of their sentences.

Saab, 49, is being held under quarantine for coronavirus protocols in a federal prison in Miami. At his first hearing he heard the money laundering charges he faces from a jail room.

Alex Saab’s second hearing

Monday’s meeting between Bell and the magistrate was through a virtual conference via Zoom at the same time the hearing was scheduled. Prosecutors Kurt Lukenheimer and Alex Kramer were also there, but Saab was not seen online.

Bell said he hoped to be able to meet with Saab this week.

Bell subsequently requested through a document that the judge limit press access; claiming that laws had been violated by the release of images and videos of his client taken through Zoom.

The judge said he will make a decision after the prosecution responds to Bell’s request.

The hearing in which Magistrate Torres heard Bell’s request on Monday was public, with no restrictions on the press.