The diplomat Alex Saab, has been kidnapped for the second time, from Cape Verde to the United States, under an alleged extradition for alleged charges filed against him, therefore has led him to a hearing this November 15.

Recalling that on November 1, 2021, the first hearing would take place; being in this one the reading of the 8 charges against him. However, Judge Robert Scola, who was in charge of Alex Saab’s case, withdrew 7 of the 8 charges against him.

In quality of maintaining the guarantees that would have been offered to Cape Verde, during the extradition process of Alex Saab; therefore, it should be noted, that the African country since the kidnapping of the diplomat on June 12, 2020, did not comply with human and diplomatic rights.

Therefore, this November 15, the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, will face against the US and the persecution of Venezuela, with a charge brought against him.