The defense lawyer of Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab, Femi Falana, approached the Constitutional Court (TC) of Cape Verde, urging it directly to reject the request emplaced by the Attorney General’s Office of the country.

After one year, the purpose of the petition is still to find justice after the issuance of the arrest warrant, in addition to the extradition request issued by the United States and the unjustified detention of Alex Nain Saab Moran.

For his part, regarding the case of Alex Saab, lawyer Femi Falana indicates that the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) has made a “serious mistake”; given the request to the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde to consider this fact as a “trivial error”.

From this in December 2020, the ruling of the ECOWAS Court of Justice, determined the illegality of the detention of Ambassador Alex Saab. Likewise, Falana points to the illogicality of the PGR’s arguments in the process. He highlights the illegality of the detention, establishing as its main motive the Interpol red alert, which nullifies the support of a “judicial order”.

Femi Falana’s press release

In the statement from Alex Saab’s lawyer, he expresses, “It appears that the United States has not provided Cape Verde with a valid Interpol arrest warrant, furthermore, there is no arrest warrant issued by any Cape Verdean court authorizing the arrest of Alex Saab on June 12, 2020.”

In this way, Falana expresses his conviction that “convinced” that “the Constitutional Court will have no difficulty in rejecting the allegations of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Cape Verde, as they are not based on the law”.

On the other hand, the lawyer of the Venezuelan special envoy, Alex Saab, supports his legal argumentation under the principles of jurisprudence; the latter settled in the history of different countries of the world, among them African, Asian, European and American.

For the latter, an important precedent has been set when it has been the case that courts will order discontinuance of injunction proceedings due to procedural irregularities.

“In view of the foregoing, the detention of Ambassador Alex Saab cannot be justified under international and Cape Verdean law. The Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Cape Verde has admitted that the arrest warrant is not in the name of Alex Saab, but in the name of another person.

The Constitutional Court cannot allow the request to be used as justification for the illegality of the arrest and detention,” the statement defends.