After the hearing in the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde, on August 13, 2021, Alex Saab is awaiting the final judgment in his case.

Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman who serves as Venezuela’s Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Africa, has been illegally and unjustly detained in Cape Verde, where he is accused of money laundering.

Alex Saab’s defense is awaiting the final sentence that will decide if the extradition to the United States proceeds or not. Therefore, since June 12, 2020, the day in which the businessman was arrested, the pressure from the North American nation has not ceased.

In addition, the United States has proposed to interpose obstacles, pressuring and requesting requirements; this has been the tactic that the U.S. government has used in order to achieve the extradition of the businessman to the United States.

Recently, Alex Saab’s defense filed an appeal before the Court of Appeals of the Eleventh District in order to have the defendant’s diplomatic immunity recognized.

The diplomat’s lawyers have indicated that “The Department of Justice has argued that Mr. Saab’s diplomatic status has not been registered – accepted by the U.S. Department of State.

Alex Saab Final Judgment

The Defense Team respectfully notes that the U.S. State Department does not function as a global registry of all diplomats worldwide. In fact, there is no process by which a Special Envoy or resident ambassador from one foreign country to another (and where the United States is neither the sending nor the receiving country) is required to obtain any kind of registration, as the Department of Justice intended the Court to believe, with the U.S. Department of State.”

Defense attorney Dr. José Manuel Pinto Monteiro informed that “the Honorable Court issued an order indicating that the appeal will move to the investigation stage and ordered the Department of Justice to file its response within 30 days”.

Likewise, the lawyer expressed that “this prior decision removes an important procedural obstacle and also indicates the great interest of the 11th Circle in the fundamental issue of Mr. Saab’s diplomatic immunity”.

Alex Saab’s defense team is confident that international justice will prevail in their client’s case, considering that the case has become a political case.